f31 was born with the combined expertise of Roberto Prosdocimo’s work as a portraitist and Federico Lanzani’s skilful photographic alchemy, with the aim of bringing back photography – in an age in which it has lost all concept of truth and has become “disposable” – to a value of reality, uniqueness and unrepeatability.

The “support”, or the photographic paper on which the image is exposed, acquires an inestimable value, to be re-evaluated, as proof, as a container of a real moment to be preserved over time.

To achieve this, f31 has created and perfected a unique chemical process for reversing photographic paper from negative to positive, both in color and black and white, which required more than 2 years of study and preparation.

The result is an alchemy that allows f31 to obtain a photograph similar to a Polaroid that can reach the size of 24″ × 24″ (61 × 61cm) through the use of an incredibly large view camera, entirely designed and built by hand and ad hoc for the project by Roberto Prosdocimo and Federico Lanzani.

Just as the founding fathers of “Straight photography” did more than 80 years ago, which with the f64 Group told the America of those years through “direct photography” – opposing to the current of pictorialism and in general to any form of manipulation of the extraneous image – so today f31 wants to tell our contemporary and its protagonists through the same concept of “true photography without manipulation”.

With unique, unrepeatable and in no way duplicable photographs.

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