The girls are on mobile

The girls are on mobile

f31 × C41 Magazine

Technology makes us feel closer.

Models text their friends and family while pretending to be busy with something else. Back in the days, they used to feel lonely. You know, a shooting can sometimes be very boring. They’re young. But see, even though they live abroad and super far from home, they’re always connected to the world. ‘Hey, how are you?’

f31 creates 10 photographs for C41 ‘s magazines issue 2 printed edition. The creative concept behind this custom magazine covers wants to apply the uniqueness and complexity of color instant photography to print. Back in the day, you didn’t know if your photograph was good enough before developing. The waiting time of the developing process in the darkroom would make you edgy. We’re now bringing back that feeling of calm, patience and joy.

Only 10 photographs have been created in the world. This is how it went that day.


The girls are on mobile – 11″x 14″ ( 28 x 35,6 cm) – n° 12 Unique Artworks (10+2 artist’s proof) – Direct Impression on negative Color photo paper with f31 © inversion process.

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