“Nicola Vitiello & Heisenberg”

An artwork for Cinemas

Featuring Nicola Vitiello, Italian journalist, cinema enthusiast and voice of Radio Deejay since 2001,with “DeeNotte” and “Cinema Deejay”, the artwork was created on March 19th 2021 at the iconic Palazzo del Cinema Anteo, in full red zone and national cinema closures.

The cinema was therefore chosen as location, due to the link of Nicola with cinema and the difficult time for all the structures. Other elements significant for the subject were included in the artwork: the radio microphone, Heisenberg’s photo – Nicola’s beautiful Husky, and more. (try to find them all.)

While Cinemas are slowly reopening, this unique 24″×24″ artwork, created in direct impression in one single copy, remains as a reminder that Cinemas are one of the structures that suffered an important loss during this pandemic. An artwork to celebrate, and an artwork to not forget.

“NICOLA VITIELLO & HEISENBERG” – 24″x 24″ ( 61 x 61 cm) – n° 1 Single Artwork – Direct Impression on negative Color photo paper with f31 © inversion process.

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