“I Live My Home … and I’m happy!”


f31 portrays through a unique form and the absolute truth of its photography, a district of Milan – the Adriano neighborhood, to tell everyone that “living here … is beautiful!” truly. (And as you’ll see, it’s not a matter of age.)

Thank you “boys and girls”! Because this is who you are! You are an example for all of us. And for those who don’t believe us … go and visit them at the Cascina San Paolo Elderly Center.

The focus in this new series of images has as its subject not the places but the bodies, souls, lives of those who live, play, train, breathe among these streets and these buildings.

Adriano District – Real Estate project “Adriano Tower” – Cascina San Paolo Elderly Center

“Happy Souls” – 2,4″x 24″ ( 6 x 60 cm) – n° 5 Unique Stripes – Direct Impression on negative Color photo paper with f31 © inversion process.

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